Welcome to the
Crooked Seam Kite Company!


Crooked Seam Kites are the best kites you'll never buy. That is because i don't sell them! All my kites either remain mine, are given away or donated to various kite clubs, festivals or events. Perhaps you are lucky enough to own one. Here is an incomplete list of everything i have ever made. If they are underlined, they have links. Everything is in reverse order with the most recent at the top.


OKR (Oregon Kitemakers Retreat) 2005


Rokkaku Test Pair

Wylies Bag Kite

Art Deco Daffodils

Mystery Bag 2003


MAKR (Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat) 2003 :

Bird Kite

Itty Bitty Butterfly


OKR (Oregon Kitemakers Retreat) 2003 :


Spinning Box


The New Improved Bear Drop Rig

Mystery Bag 2002


OKR (Oregon Kitemakers Retreat) 2002 :




Wedding Genki

Jerry Sinote Gusset Delta

30 Second Delta

Heads and Tails

Mystery Bag Kite 2001


Della Porta



Bear Drop Rig

All them Rokkakus!

Un-Corner Kite

Skew Cube

3D Box Kite


NPNW#3 (No Politics, No Whiners) :

Lee Toy Fighter


Bullet Sled and Drogue

Tail (tentative applique)


NPNW#2 (No Politics, No Whiners) :

Delta Conyne

No Sew


Sailboat Rok

Flamingo Rok

Much Improved Delta

Simple fighter


MAKR (Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat) :


***The Kite!***

Flying Me



Mr. Smiley

Black Box

My 1st Delta




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