I met Neil Thorburn at the Lee Toy Fly. Neil is one of those completely unique individuals that make kiting so fun. He was flying a grocery bag sled on fishing line and had about1,500 feet out. The wind was strong (15+) and Neil was using a styrofoam fast food box to play "music" with the vibration of the strings. I bought his book "Super Kites III". The book is filled with great ideas, especially for compound kites, but what caught my eye was the Un-Corner Kite. A simple kite with elaborate rigging to keep the sails in place. All those lines didn't seem neccesary, surely the wind would provide the stablizing force. To test my theory i slapped this together in an evening with the simpler rigging. It flies but it is very unstable. Guess i don't know everything. I kept the kite in my bag for a while intending to re-rig it. Then i pulled the dowels out to roast marshmellows at an NCKC campout. Still think it is a pretty kite, i have to make another one someday.



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