Oregon Kitemakers Retreat 2005

My favorite weekend of the year always seems to sneak up on me. Right after the holidays, you don't even have time to for anticipation, you just pile your stuff in the car and head up the coast for three days of silliness and sewing. The setting is beautiful, the food is great and the kites are amazing, but what makes this such a great weekend is the group of people who gather to swap stories and share techniques. Like seeing your family at Thanksgiving, it is fun to return every year and feel instantly comfortable and at home with all your old friends.

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This year was another amazing one. We had a great group of instructors and turned out some beautiful and unique kites. Below are some links to galleries of photos from the weekend. This is hardly complete, more like a snapshot of what was happening in the other classes when i took a break from mine ;)


Robert Brasington's Amazing Cellular Kite and Line Art

Cindy Thrall's Banners

Scott Spencer's Della Porta

Barry Poulter's Cody Mobile

John Freeman's Quilted Eddy

Rob Pratt's Flaming Baden Powell

Sunday Morning Classes

Raffle Fun

A View From the Gallery


Thanks to all the wonderful folks on the OKR Committee who work nearly all year long so that we can play for three days. A special thanks this year to the Drachen foundation who stepped up to the plate to help out, when exchange rates made Robert's airfare prohibitively expensive. Thanks to everyone there arre a whole lot more beautiful kites in the sky and a great many new friends.


As we drove away on sunday, the following sight greeted us in Tillamook:

Air Muse indeed! - See you next year.


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