At Mix 96 in 1999, i needed to borrow a parafoil from Fred Adler so i could participate in a mass ascension. It struck me that i should probably own at least one soft kite. So I bought Jim Rowlands "Soft Kites" and set out to make a simple bullet sled. Jims book is great, it takes the time to explain different ways to make a seam etc. These things may be basic to any hobby sewer or kitemaker, but for the beginer, well suffice it to say i wish i had gotten this book earlier.



I decided to do the little pumpkin drogue (which is way too big for the little sled) because i needed to know how for another project which has yet to see the sewing machine. I learned a lot making these two things. It was also the first time i thought i had done really nice work. I'm always proud of what i make but i am also aware of all the mistakes. This was one of the first times i thought "gee, i am getting good at this!"

This little girl borrowed my kite at the Benecia Fathers Day Fly and proceeded to run around in circles with it for a half hour - in the 15 mile per hour wind it just followed her all around.



The great thing about a sled is you can always have it with you. Mine made it all the way to the top of the Oldehove, in my parents hometown of Leeuwarden!




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