In 2000, BASKL had kite making competitions at each event. This was great fun and helped get me in the habit of making a new kite each month. The flamingo I had made on my own and entered at Berkeley, but now with another event looming i needed an idea. I bought a book called "Optical Illusions for Quilters" by Karen Combs because i have always been fascinated by two dimensional things which appear 3D. In the end i got the pattern from "The Dykehopper" a stunt kite in Nop Velthuizen's book. The shape evolved from the designin.

The design incorporates the neat center spar pocket I learned to make in the NPNW#3, Lee Toy fighter class. Simply, a one inch strip runs top to bottom and a shorter one inch strip runs from bridle point to bridle point. The spar runs inside this sleeve. For the spine I use basswood spars from model airplane shop. From Kitelines, i learned you simply soakthe spar for 24 hours in 95% water, 5% ammonia, then dry it with the curve in it (3 nails in a 2x4 will set the ~10 degree angle). The bow runs top corner to top corner and the outer edges flap free, this adds to the 3D effect.


The judges liked it, I won 1st prize!


I liked it so much i built another one for the NCKC Christmas raffle. Funny what you realize when you are done - the first one was quilted as 4 squares. When i made the second i realized it would be much easier to do it as four columns (this eliminates the sail pucker you see at the bottom of the first one). Because of the color scheme i call the second one "Bubble Gum Box". Ruth won it and was just thrilled. I think its great that people are happy to own my kites.



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