I wanted a light wind kite and had been thinking of making a Genki for a while when they published plans in Kiting. That was all i needed, i was off to the races.


When i was a kid i had a sweatshirt that was red & blue if you were within a foot of it, farther away it was this sort of vibrating purple color. That is what i was going for here. You gotta get this sucker WAY up there to have it be purple!

The kite has two matching 35 foot spinning tube tails. Spinning is an over statement, they sort of gently twist in a very liesurely fashion. Too bad, i designed them to sort of pulse as they spun- but since they spin so slowly they just seem poorly made.

I like this kite a lot and it is a great flier. If i had it to do over again i would make some serious modifications to the plans in Kiting. There are a lot of fancy fittings in this kite that could be eliminated saving weight and simplifing construction. Guess i gotta make another one ;)



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