My mothers favorite bird is a puffin. So when i decided to make her a kite for Christmas, it was the obvious choice. There was no way i could quilt this. That's ok, ever since my simple applique at the Lee Toy workshop i have been less afraid of it.

The puffin was perfect for my first "serious applique, few colors and few sections! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and i was thrilled with the results. Note the "fuzzy" tail, ever since Nathan showed me his trick for making these,they have become my tail of choice.







Here it is nearly two years later and i go up to WSIKF and find out there is actually a Puffin Kite Festival. It seems like a logical destination, so that the Puffin can eventually join others of his species like this Rokkaku i saw at WSIKF!





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