A long time ago (18 months or so), i got excited by a Delta that Nathan had brought to a So CoMe Fly. It was a Jerry Sinote Gusset Delta that was made especially for Lee Toy. When it came time to make a kite to travel with me to Holland, i knew just the kite. So i borrowed it and copied it virtually exactly. The great thing about this kite is it is collapsable, assembled it is over 9 feet wide, folded a mere 18 inches!








I learned a lot making this kite - it is one of the most difficult i have ever made. The plans are in Max Eden's book but i cannot imagine being able to decipher them. Even with the finished product in my hands it was still difficult to determine how to proceed.

A word on ferrules. The original uses fiberglass spars internally ferruled and shock corded. Being convinced of the superiority of modern materials, i substituted graphite rods with aluminum external ferrules. This makes it a real pain to pull a rod out of a sleeve as the ferrules snag and the sections pull apart. Maybe i'm not so smart after all!



Here i am flying it on Ameland in 25+ MPH



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