At MAKR i took a class with Robert Trepanier. We all traced ourselves on Tyvek, then painted the Tyvek. Add spars and a bridle and you can fly! I am a terrible painter, but i really like Robert's work so i muddled my way through this class. The picture at right is Robert with Joanne Weber (she paints much better than i do), below is Robert working on my kite.

First of all let me say that Robert is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in kiting. Not only is he a great painter, all his paintings fly (and really well). This was definitely and education in right brain left brain. Coming on the heels of the Circoflex where millimeters are crucial and tuning is difficult, it was great to see Robert work intuitively. Everyones kite was a different shape and Robert helped us choose the "middle" for the spine. Most kites had an eight or ten point bridle. Robert would pull all the strings together, tie them losely in an overhand knot. After flying the kite for a few seconds he would loosen the knot and shorten or lengthen one line. The second flight the kite was always rock solid. No measurements, just experience and instinct- very inspiring. Despite all different shapes and levels of ability, everyone flew!



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