Bear dropping is probably the most fun you can have with a single line kite. Bear drop rigs come in all sorts. I wanted a climber, a vehicle that would cary the bear up and then return. I wanted a sail on the climber so the bear could be dropped with chute folded. (the easiest climber is to let the chute pull the bear up) I had made one off of plans on the web. I liked it but it was not collapsable. I wanted something i could put in a kitebag. What you see here is my third rig. The climbing and releasing mechanism attaches to the kite with tiny caribiners. The sail has a cross spreader which goes through a center T on the climber. Remove the spreader and the whole thing rolls up like a kite.



I'm getting there. The problem that still remains is getting the climber to come back down. It is very light and even without the "bridle ring" attached the weight of the sail holds it down and it catches enough wind to stay up the line. One soloution is to weight the top of the sail so it is balanced around the center T fulcrum. This works acceptably and is how i currently operate. I don't like the idea of adding weight to a kite. The next version will have some sort of bungie to pull the sail flat. Stick with me, I'll perfect it eventually.

Meanwhile as you can see, it works pretty good!



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