I fear applique!

I was hanging out in the Quilt Shop in Santa Rosa looking at books when i discovered paper piecing. This fit in perfect with my limited ability (straight lines only) so i bought a book called "Paper Pieced Sea & Shore" by Shirley Liby and decided to make a flamingo.

Paper piece patterns are a great way to get into reperesentational kites (as opposed to graphic) without doing applique. I hope to someday do a class on this technique.



I turned the square block into a rokkaku shape and from there on out it was very easy! As you can see on the template, you work from the center out in each section, always sewing straight lines and triming any error off before attaching the next piece. By doing this your work always looks perfect!


My father shows off the finished product above. The only curve in the whole thing is the round eye i sewed on at the end. Now this is fun!




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