God Bless John Karel! The perfect way to end a two day kite workshop is with one of John's classes. He is the master of the path of least resistance.* This class was simple fast and fun and left everyone time to socialize and go finish our other kites.

We hot cut a double layer of fabric in a spiral. Straight stich down both edges, turn inside out, insert stiff tubing and one more straight stich along the tubing (against outer edge). Sew a couple of lenghts of ribbon on one end, sew a reinforcement on the other. Add a gromet and a swivel and you are done!



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* Here is John Karels method for making the head of a Dragon: Take two layers of fabric the size of the head you want. Sew an arch in the profile of the head. Trim away the excess on the outside. Turn inside out. Sew a second arch inside the first. Trim away one layer as if it were applique. Ok so it is a little wasteful, it beats the hell out of sewing edge binding around the top curve!!!!