When my friends Allen and Amy decided to get married on the beach in Santa Cruz, they invited all their kite flying friends to decorate the sky for the occasion. Allen even sent me a special email asking "could you fly your genki, it is so elegant." There were two weeks until the wedding. It seemed like a logical thing to do. I called Kite Studio, Steve sent me out a bunch of fabric and in one furious week of sewing (about 33 hours total construction time) I made Amy and Allen thier very own genki to commemorate the occasion.


I finished the kite at 2:00 Am the day of the wedding, they got married at 2:00 PM and once they were pronounced husband and wife, I launched thier kite. I was thrilled with the way this kite turned out, and bummed that I only got to own it for 12 hours. Looks like a gotta make a second one for me!!!


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