I wasn't a kiter. I flew dual line sport kites. They were exciting fast and fun. Single line - what am i an 8 year old??? But, Nannette wanted a kite that would "just go up and stay there", so i decided i would make her one.

Fabric store ripstop, cut with scissors, sewed with weak (but pretty) silver silky thread. The dowels in the leading edge go all the way to the nose (how did i know they weren't supposed to?). The only instructions i had were the pictures in the "Into the Wind" catalog, but come on, how hard can it be? Someday i will take better pictures of this so you can see how pathetic it really is. It flew, but barely - actually it flies fine as long as you are letting out line, stop and it will veer to either side and do a long graceful powerdive into the ground!

Live and learn I guess. Whats amazing is that i ever made a second kite.


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