Bazzer's Incredible Cody Mobile

Barry Poulter takes everything he does to one level beyond what most of us would even consider. It is what makes his work, not just great, but awe inspiring. In creating a "simple" mobile project for a half day class, he went way over the top. The results are incredible. Each kit came with your choice of colors for the sails as well as your choice of "graphite" or "bamboo" rods. The instructions are a work of art. I wish i had gotten pictures of the inside of the instructions, they were beautiful illustrated and ridiculously complete. My hats off to you Bazzer, you've done it again!

  Barry discusses options with
Gerry Pennell, while Cliff
is already hard at work.

Miriam Schafler trims her rods,
while Barry looks on.
Note the black "carbon"
rods on Miriam's kite.



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