Rob Pratt's Flaming Badden-Powell

Rob Pratt took a historical kite and brought it back with a blaze of glory in this flame seared rendition. I had the afternoon off so i spent a lot of time harrassing (er... helping) the folks in this class, everyone was having a great time. Just looking at this kite makes me smile.

Oh my god!, someone is actually
reading the instructions?!?!?!?


Susan, i hate to break it to you,
but you are supposed to read them
before you finish the kite!




Three shots of Carol Churchill (a fellow Californian who also made the big drive!). I can't wait to see those flames flying at the next NCKC club campout.


If you have never been to OKR, look out the window behind Carol, the location couldn't be better.



This kite looks good no matter what the color combo. Check out Eli's purple flames!!!


Meanwhile Allen Taylor seems almost divinely illuminated as he sews!

If there weren't enough excuses to love Ronda, check out her sewing machine. It is a gorgeous old Elna that is way swank!

We have already established that Ronda is an overachiever. Check out the cool 3d effect she got on the flames simply by not cutting the applique out all the way. Looks great!




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