Way More Fun

There were a lot of classes i didn't get pictures of. Sue Clark's Delta, Silk Painting with Diane Butler, Gary Goodenough had a traditional fighter style kite class and Greg Clark had another in his series of historic kites. Somehow i managed to not get pictures of those classes. Sunday morning we left early (it is a 13 hour drive), but i managed to get a few pictures.

Sam Huston and Ed Lindsay share their rather considerable knowledge on kitemaking


Deb Cooley goess a little crazy!


It is great to take classes with people who sew for a living. Many of the techniques used in production kitemaking have relevance to home kitebuilders. I love learning the secrets of the pros!

Finally on sunday morning, having dispatched his duties selling tickets, it was Zachs turn to jump into the classes. He whipped out a Deb Cooley line marker in seconds flat. Takes after his dad, Jerimy is pretty quick behind a sewing machine too!

Nice work Zach!


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