Robert Brasington's Classes

What a treat to have such a talented and unique kitebuilder as an instructor. Not only are these kites amazingly beautiful, they are very uniquely constructed and suprisingly light. What appears to be a complex kite is actually eight simple panels linked together and framed. With only slightly more work it could be any number of cells. Plus the open constuction allows for cells to be made that interlocck the existing framework. This creates an illusion of intricate complexity that is really quite easy to achieve. Very nifty, there is a reason why i am in the class, some folks are a lot more clever than me!!!!

  Robert is a super nice guy and very hands on. Even though the instructions were superb, he rotated around the room double checking work and offering tips and tricks. The longer i am in this kiting thing, the more truly wonderful people i meet.  

Ed & Gail Lindsay work on thier line art while standing behind thier finished kite.


  After the official class was over, people (mostly committee members whose responsibilities kept them out of class) continued making Robert's kite all weekend long. Here Robert helps Diane Weber assemble her sail panels as seen through a row of kites.

 From the other direction, you can see some of the sails created by the likes of Ken Tumminia and Deb Cooley - Nice work!



What a great class, and what a beautiful array of colors and kites!  


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