A View (or two) from the Gallery

Every year folks bring thier latest and greatest creations to show off in the kite gllery. Here is just a few snapshots of the work on display. It is truly humbling to see some of the amazing work turned out by the talented folks who come to this retreat. I look at these pictures and realize how far i have to go as a kitemaker.


These beautiful kitess are the work of Alexa (sea turtle) and Cari (sea horse) King. Believe it or not they made these kites independant of one another (but in close contact by telephone). The sea turtle stole my heart, but the sea horse was the award winner!

Ok so the picture is not sharp, i had to include it. This is one of the most ambitious sails i have ever seen!

Ronda's collaborative Edo sail. Many prominent kiters have contributed thier own tyvek art to make this sail.

Can't wait to see this in flight!


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