John Freeman's Quilted Eddy

John and Marzlie are known for thier quilting and especially for bargello. When they were asked to teach an Eddy class, they played around with log cabin on a diagonal, the results are amazingly simple and visually striking (i think the jagged edge gives this kite a very nice look). If i could only have taken ALL the classes ;)

  Sam & Cari King are both making Eddy's.
Are they racing or cooperating?

 Scott is very focused on his work!



Looks like Dennis and Judy are nearly done. It gets a lot more fun when you start to see how nice the finished product is going to be!



When Sam sews he is all business. Once he is out from behind the machine he likes to clown around!


Doug Lommel and Patti LeValley were at thier first OKR.
They brought with a lot of skills from other creative arts and so thier learning curve was pretty short.
Here Doug makes a final trim on thier skriking rainbow eddy!


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