If you have gotten to this site you probably know me - if you don't:


My name is Arnold Stellema and i live in Santa Rosa California.

I was born in the sixties in Illinois, the child of first generation immigrants from The Netherlands, Friesland to be exact.

I'm a housewife and stay at home dad who spends almost every waking moment chasing an energetic and very curious two year old named Alexander. When i can't take it anymore i run away to my job as a waiter and talk to adults for a while. Nannette is Alexander's mother (my wife too, but she doesn't like to admit it)and when she tires of him (she tired of me long ago ;) she escapes to her exceedingly low stress job as a hospitalist.

I have far too many hobbies. Kite flying and kitemaking, woodworking, saltwater aquarium, and after 25 years away from it... i'm playing D&D again like i did when i was a kid! Who has time for all this, certainly not me, i have a kid.

Nice pants!



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