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Every Sunday night at 5:30 a small group of us get together in Santa Rosa and play Dungeons & Dragons. We are all adults and have a varied background. Some of us come to this through video games, some are coming back after many years away, others have years of RPG experience in a wide variety of systems. We share two things, we enjoy each others company and we love the fickle nature of dice.


We recently wrapped up an adventure in a different world and are begining a new adventure in D&D 3.5. For the forseeable future we will be running a series of modules. This will give us time to gather a stable group of players, as well as give us some practice with the 3.5 rule system. Our goal is to launch a full on campaign sometime later this year, one which will offer opportunities for character development within the intrigues of a large story arc with plenty of hack-n-slash and treasure hunt type of adventures thrown in along the way.




We are looking for a few more players to fill the remaining spots at the table. Our original group has lost a few souls to real world concerns, and that leaves space for you. If you'd like to join us for an evening or two and see if the group might be right for you, contact Arnold via email

Check out the current campaign here.


We look forward to gaming with you and seeing what the dice have in store for all of us.









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Character portraits courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

Dragon Grotto illustration by John Howe, cover art for the final book in Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy (Assassins Apprentice, Assassins Quest, Royal Assassin) quite possibly the best fantasy trilogy I have ever read - check 'em out.