Ranting & Raving


I'm an extreemist - when i like it - i like it a lot, and when i think it is stupid i just go off. This is where i'll do this and i will try to keep it current.


 Turn ons:     Turn offs:

 Rubber Stamps


 Carne en su Jugo





 Records you need to own:    Flicks to watch:

 Anything by Hank Williams Sr.

High Fidelity

 Welcome Interstate Managers -

The Fountains of Wayne

 The Blues Brothers (have you checked out the extra 13 minutes on the DVD?)

 Zoe Lewis - Small is Tremendous

 Dr. Strangelove

 Guy Clark - Keepers

 The Fifth Element

 Anything by The Television Personalities

 Being John Malkovic


HEY - Wanna See my BEAVER?????


Advice from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:


SEARS is a bunch of idiots


The Best Kite Festival in America


Oh the tweaker is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighbor hooood!

this is why you shouldn't take methamphetamines: Neighborhood flyer




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