The TrickTail UL is a fantastic kite. Truly a zero wind performer, i can fly this kite by merely walking backwards in a large circle. In 1-2mph it feels solid and responds crisply to line input. Even in the lightest winds it flies very precise and feels like a kite should. Here i am axeling the kite. It tricks very slowly and requires precise hand movements. The axel is definitely a two handed trick, one to initiate the rotation and then a tug with the other to finish the axel. This makes it an ideal kite to learn on as you learn proper techniques and have time to see what you are doing have an effect on the kite. Once you have the timing for axeling a TrickTail a double axel is a snap. Its made by Active People.

My TrickTail recently had a thorough going over by Brian Todd. When it comes to the TrickTail, Brian is the King! When I watch him fly, my jaw falls wide open and time stands still! Check out his TrickTail tips, insights and modifications:

Specs and competition tuning setup

Pictures and trick tips!



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