I got this beautiful kite from Nannette for my 34th birthday!

It is a handmade Ty Billings kite that she got from Into the Blue in Point Reyes, CA.

The name of the kite is "Contrabandido". The style is called Yotzu. This is a manueverable single line kite (sort of like a fighter but way different). I like it because you need to fly it constantly, no staking this one out and walking away!






When we were in England (be sure not to miss the Stonehenge story) we saw this kite in Andy King's Kite Shop in London. I offered to buy it and Nannette protested that it was too expensive and wouldn't let me get it for her (she collects ladybugs). Later it comes out that she really wanted this kite. So I call Andy while she was in the shower, then paid the concierge to have a courier go pick it up. I snuck out of England with it and gave it to her at Sky Circus (Chicago Skyliners annual festival) when we got back to the US. In the end it cost me twice as much, but as you can see from the smile on her face, it was worth it!

It is a Martin Lester LadyBird!



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