Sonoma County Monthly Fly proudly welcomes our newest "member" David Wagner. Check out this beautiful Genki...




This man takes his bears very seriously. Not only does Ernie make the chutes and the drop rigs... He makes the bears!!!!

All the bears have clever names (like Winslow the ultralight bear), appropriate gear and in the case of the dare devil a cast! Ernie even has a buggying bear which is powered by a parafoil and steered by remote control. This is too cool if you haven't met Ernie, it is worth a trip to Sonoma County just to see the bears.






Nathan makes so many kites I can't keep up. When he and Kathy pulled the moon and sun out I was very excited to see them finished (i had seen them in production) turns out they'd been done for months - oops silly me. Someday I'll make kites like that, in the meanwhile I was just happy my new Della Porta flew!



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