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Gone With The Wind
Dan Whitney and Brian Todd are great guys who have a super kite shop. They never miss an event (or a Saturday) and they are super generous to the kite community. Plus this is the most fun and dynamic site you'll find on the internet. Check it out to see whats happening today!


High Line Kites
Tom McAlister's fine shop in Berkeley. Not only does Tom run a great kite shop, he's my AKA representative. If that wasn't enough to keep him busy, he's the organizer for the Berkeley Kite Festival. Check out the photo gallery to see all the fun you've been missing.


Kites Plus
Phil Kalenowsky is the Quad God in Reno. The shop carries everything Rev. It is a great source for quad info and pics as well as links to the quad world.


Gomberg Kite Productions
Dave is not only the AKA President, he is also runs the best kite business in America. While others focus on production kites, Dave caters strictly to the connoissuer. Featuring the a broad array of the finest handmade and custom kites from around the world, this is the place to go for your wishes and dreams...


Gibian Kites
Ron & Sandy Gibian are two of the nicest folks you will ever meet, always a joy to be around off the kite field. On the kite field thier kites are unmistakable in the air, just look for the one of a kind graphic sensibility. On the ground the kites are frighteningly well made, with sails tight as a drum and beautiful fit and finish. Need a great kite or inspiration? check out thier site!
By far the most comprehensive source of kite information anywhere. Festival reports, competition results; pictures, video and stories of all the places you have been and couldn't make it to. Spend a few hours or a few weeks, you won't run out of fun stuff to look at.


more links coming