Kite Clubs & Calendars


Join a Kite Club:

The American Kitefliers Association
The AKA is the central body of kiting in North America. The site has a great calendar so you can find out whats coming up. You can also get pointed toward clubs in your area.


Northern California Kite Club
The best kite club in America, and i'm not just saying that because i'm a board member. We host a wide range of events from kite making workshops to fighter kite competitions, campouts to sport kite competitions. Email me your address if you would like a trial membership and i will send you copies of the best newsletter in America, and i'm not just saying that because i'm the editor!


Oregon Kitemakers Retreat
Quite simply my favorite weekend of the year. Three days of frantic sewing and leisurely conversation. A complete imersion in kitedom. Swap stories, learn tricks and techniques, make friends and make kites. Get up early and sew and learn, stay up late to BS and eat. Barb's Hapi coats, Deb's cookies, buying raffle tickets from Zach - there's too much to list - you just need to attend!


Bay Area Sport Kite League - BASKL
If you fly dual or quad line kites, this is the place for you. BASKL runs virtually all the kite competitions in Northern California and keeps track of all the points for this portion of the region. A great way to meet awesome fliers and learn tips an tricks, plus competition is a fun way to measure your skill and progress. Then of course there are the coveted Fleas (season trophies) and the highly sought after BASKL jacket, awarded to the overall season champion in each class. Check out an event soon.



Get out and fly:

NCKC Calendar
The official schedule of events for Northern California.


BASKL Calendar
Complete schedule, broken out by event types.


Flyin' With Brian
Our AKA director keeps tabs on EVERYTHING!


AKA's National Calendar
Keep on top of all the events going on. Some are dfinitely worth the trip!