July 1st, 2001


Hot! - I mean really hot.

There was no wind at my house, so i was expecting another spread your kites in the grass afternoon. But when i got out to Piner, i found God smiling down on the field. The day was perfect (aside for the heat), beautiful blue skies and nice 5 -15 mph winds. I was flying a fighter from a lawn chair when Sharon showed up and in no time we were dueling (i lost of course). Robin and Aaron showed up and i dug in my kite bag and when i looked up there was George Mauer and Sandra Watley as well. We had a great afternoon playing with our toys.



Sandra broke out a seagull so i decided to join her and before you know it our birds of a feather were flocked together.




Aaron had a new Cody and so I broke out the Monday Lunch Vampire i got in Holland (it wants to be a Cody when it grows up).







George and I played Dueling Deltas with the two Jerry Sinote Gusset Delta's (one made by Jerry the other by me). We were having a great time until my line broke and i had to retrieve my kite off the roof of the school.





Sandra had a new I2K which she let me try (I like it, I like it!!!) and we spent a while practicing stalls and axels before we all collapsed in the shade. After we were sufficiently rehydrated, we packed up and headed out to Tony's for dinner.

This was my first So CoMe Fly in a long time and it was worth the wait. There is nothing better than a day flying kites with your friends.



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