January 7th, 2001


The Sonoma County Monthly Fly entered its 2nd full year in style, welcoming the Northern California Kite Club to town. While many NCKC members are regular fly attendees, this was also an official NCKC monthly fly, so we were hoping for a big crowd. We should have spent more time hoping for wind!

Tim and Evan made it up for the first time, good thing too, because it is a well known fact that Tim Helwig owns the worlds lightest kites!

Robin and Aaron came and Brian as well. We all had a good time trying out the "Ear Kite" a Jeff Howard Gnat. We also played with a Wren that proved remarkably easy for a zero wind kite. It also conveniently happened to be Aaron's birthday, so we all got cake!

Sharon kept us all in fighter battles most of the afternoon, with the light winds, fighters were the only thing performing well.

Ernie and Ruth cane by later in the afternoon. We did a lot of swapping stories as the wind died out. I had to beat a hasty retreat to get on a plane for LA (sales conference for work which started at noon Sunday - ooops guess i'm late!), but when i left there were already plans for dinner being tossed about. This is turning into a great monthly gathering of friends and kitefliers and while wind would be nice, we always have a great time.

The big excitement though was the So CoMe Fly pin. Special blue pins were made for this day only (the unused blue pins are to be distributed at KOI in February. Keep an eye out for the new pins in all three colors (explanation), and attend a So CoMe Fly soon to recieve one of your very own!


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