Friends, Freaks & Fun

All sites are in no particular order, if your site isn't on here let me know. If you experience a bad link, please make me aware of it. Enjoy!


Lets start with friends:

Jim has been my best friend longer than i have known virtualy any of you. He teamed up with Andy Willis, they dragged in a couple more folks and the result is this awesome band. Buy their CD, it helps pay for the beer at practice.

Nicholas Markos
Pop superstar and damn swell guy. This gets you to Joy Boy Music, Tie Records and a whole lot more.

David Riecks Photography
David is a professional photographer in Champaign Illinois. These images are taken there and everywhere else. I've known David for half my life so you might even find a picture of me in here.

Novelty Quilts
My friend Lorrie Akins makes this fabulous quilts. I don't own one because i keep buying them and giving them away as gifts. Fortunately I have two groovy pillows she made me as a going away present.

Delta Kings
Quite possibly the most talented middle aged white blues band in America! These guys flat out rock.

This is a broad ranging site featuring poetry and prose as well as awesome visual imagery. This is Cesar Romero and Ricardo Armijo's site. It is in spanish but check out the visuals even if you don't read spanish.

AUM Fidelity
This is a record label started by my old friend Steven Joerg. If you are bored with all you listen to - check this stuff out - it's all good.

Urban Tribal Dance
The mother of my cats Heather Stants is a belly dancer. This is her troupe.

Lost Internet Drive In
My friend Lynn King is a filmaker and artist. Go to the drive in section of this site and you can see a bunch of short films. I know not only Lynn bu most of the actors and acctresses as well.

Ellen Rosner
DAMN she's good! Stomping, belting, crooning and carrying on - it's all hear!

Andi's Web Corral
Miss America, Andi "you can call me Jay" Marietta, publisher of the Facist Bullyboy Chronicles runs this cozy website where she hips you to groovy tunes and great books.

Glenn Borst
This is a great site. Glenn is a character and you get to see many sides to his personality here.

Tiny Lights
This is a great literary magazine dedicated to the personal essay. Good stuff, like the New Yorker without all the boring crap.

So a friend of mine meets this cartoonist on a plane...

Shane Cox Photography
My friend Shane is a photographer in LA. His pics are anything but bright lights big city.

ACME Records
Who says vinyl is dead???



Freaks & Fun:

These are fun places to visit, kill time, etc.
There are some E-businesses in here that I highly recommend.

Still don't know the story behind the email address?

The only search engine you'll ever need.

The Daily Wave
Just a little sound bite to brighten your day. Plus an archive of all your favorite lines from movies,TV etc.

Fly Guy
This is the reason computers were invented

Jesus Surfing
Peter Gilstrap presents a different artistic interpretation of Christ each week - from the beautiful to the absurd, the sublime to the surreal. Perhaps my favorite website.

Kalani Tropicals
The best flowershop online gauranteed! Send something different for a change. Oh yeah, all prices include shipping.

Scared to Fly???
Check out these actual photos of aviation mishaps and near mishaps.

Ever just want to kill your cell phone? - someone elses??? - this site will help.

Dress Up Jesus
He may be the son of god, but you are the supreme being in charge of his wardrobe!

Paul is Dead
I remember it well from the Scruffy Beatles Fan Club lecture at UofI. He's still dead and I'm still the Walrus.

Sleepless Knights is a media company that did fabulous parodies of the Apple iMac ad campaign.

Free Money
Got a dead relative you never knew who happened to be loaded and left you a big fat pimp wad of cash??? - Its worth a shot.

Bobby Knight is a JERK
Ok, i know they fired him 10 years to late, but that doesn't mean we have to stop making fun of him. This is classic Bobby Knight, if you haven't heard it you should.more links coming

Stalk your old Highschool Sweetheart
I don't know what is scarier, this or the sex offender database.

The Pervert is a Person in your Neighborhood...
Are you living next door to a sex offender???

Super Heroines
This is an intriuging site. On first glance, it would seem someone is doing very elaborate staged photos. Look again, click the thumbnails and it becomes very obvious that these are all digitally manipulated. Interesting body of work, nicely done.

Ray Bial
Ray is a great photographer from central Illinois. I have always liked these pictures.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Just when you thought you knew how to Roshambo.

Manipulated images of all your favorite celebs. Remember Bush & Cheney as Beavis & Butthead?

Tacky Postcards
Screw Blue Mountain, give the gift of bad taste.

More like brain teasers, although i was dumb enough to fall for the card trick in the cave of magic!

You can read my mind, its a short story, barely that more of a blurb.

Phone Spell
Gives you all the things your phone # spells. I've known EMPTY IT, EAT A HAT and FOR PLAY among other in my life.

Vacation Planner
Don't miss the best part of the trip - the drive!!! Let Roadside America be your guide to the tackiest stops along the way.

Go on, try it - put in your name.

Sixties swank meets surrealism - now thats art.

CIA - for kids
Ahh nothing says carefree, funloving and childlike like international espionage and destabilizing foreign governments.

Political Dirt
They've got the scoop on everyone and no one is clean. A great source for brilliant quotes by W or Dan Quayle.

What did you teach you Furby to do???

Beer facts and fun as well as webcams in pubs worldwide.