All hero's should have some style...

The following flavor feats have been selected as rewards for extraordinary play. These feats were selected to color the game and make it fun without overpowering the characters. Few have any prerequisite feats (prerequisites are in parenthesis following feat name), although some were so cool (like Channel Energy) that they made the list and in those cases the prerequisite is here too. This list will resurface from time to time so, feel free to choose a prerequisite feat. You can also pick from this list when you are normally allowed a feat. Some of these feats require specific skills (like Profession(merchant)). Choosing one of these feats without the skill required would render it inactive until the skill is acquired. Most are not simply +3 to x-and-such save type of feats, they involve benefits under circumstances dictated by situations. Some have been slightly modified. There are a lot of skill feats here, wherever possible i tried to choose interesting tangential skills to enhance your character rather than those that would make your character more powerful (so Mechanical Aptitude... +2 on Disable Device. +2 on Open Locks is not on the list, while Low Key... +2 on Disguise. +2 on Hide is) In short i picked them to make the game more fun, and add depth to (not necessarily optimize) your character. All of these were chosen from the large feat list i emailed out a while back, so if you have any questions about the where they came from or how I modified them, consult that document. If there is a feat you would prefer instead from any source (or made up) that you feel meets these criteria, let me know and i'll consider it.


Able Drinker (CON 15+ )
You suffer no negative effects from alcohol. +1 on all saves against poison. +4 on CHA checks in social situations with people that are impressed by your ability to drink.

Academy (INT 15+)
Choose 3 skills from the following list. They are now in-class skills for you. Skills = Balance, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope, Wilderness Lore.

Acrobat (Perform skill +4)
Climb, Jump, Tumble, and Rope Use are in-class skills for you.

Acrobatic Strike (DEX 13, Tumble +1)
As a full round action, you may make a Tumble check DC 25. If you succeed, you get a single melee attack against an opponent who loses their DEX bonus to AC. If you fail the check, you fall prone and may not attack. GM call: 1/2 speed movement toward and/or past target no AoO, however if you fall prone you are adjacent to the enemy, until your next action.

Alertness {1}
+2 on Listen. +2 on Spot.

Animal Affinity {1}
+2 on Handle Animal. +2 on Ride.

Animal Affinity {2} (CHA 11+)
Animal Empathy is an in-class skill for you. +1 circumstance bonus on Ride and Handle Animal.

Animal Control (Animal Defiance)
You can rebuke or command animals like an evil Cleric does with undead. Use your highest divine caster level against the animal's hit dice. You may do this up to 3 + CHA bonus times each day. To issue commands, the animals must be able to understand you, so Speak with Animals is normally required. Animals under your control count against your Speak with Animals limit (even if you did not use the spell).

Animal Defiance (Ability to cast Speak w/Animals & Animal Friendship)
You can turn (but not destroy) animals like a Cleric turns undead. Use your highest divine caster level against the animal's hit dice. You may do this up to 3 + CHA bonus times each day.

Arcane Birth Gift (WIS 13+)
This feat can only be taken at first level. Supposedly limited to Elves. Choose one 0-level Druid spell. You can use this spell as a spell like ability once per day. (GM call - Open to all races, only once 1st level not necessary but must fit or be explained in backstory.)

Arcane Defense (Spell Focus {1})
You can take this feat multiple times (each with a different school). +2 on your save versus spells from a given school.

Arcane Senses (Wizard level 1+, caster level 7+, Spell Focus (Divination))
You may cast Detect Magic, Detect Undead, or Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law as a free action. Spell-like ability usable any number of times per day. You may only have one of these spells in effect this way at a time, so you need to cancel one before starting another.

Arterial Strike (Sneak attack ability, Base Attack 4+)
When you successfully make a sneak attack, you may forgo +1d6 of extra damage in order to deliver a wound that continues bleeding for 1 damage each round until a Heal check or some magical healing is used on that person. These wounds are cumulative, so that two will cause 2 damage each round.

Attune Gem (INT 13+, Arcane Spellcaster (3+), Craft(Gemcutting) 1+)
You can store an arcane spell in a gem. GM call - work with me on creation time and frequency.

Back to the Wall (+2 Base Att.)
You get +2 on attack rolls and +2 on AC when you are at one quarter or less of your maximum hit points.

Battle Cry
As a standard action, you may make an Intimidate check opposed by their Will save. If you win, the opponent is flat-footed against your next attack. The opponent gains a +1 on their Will save each additional time you use this feat on them each battle. GM call - no sneak attack

Battle Howl (+3 Base Attack)
Once per day, you may let out a battle cry during a charge action. The target of the charge makes a Will save of DC 10 + your CHA modifier. If they fail, they get -1 to hit for 1d4 rounds.

Bargain (CHA 13+)
+4 competence bonus on Profession(Merchant) checks when buying and selling goods.

Barterer (Appraise 4+)
+3 circumstance bonus on Bluff and Sense Motive when haggling for goods and services.

Blindsight (Ability to become a Dire Bat with Wild Shape)
You have the extraordinary ability to see in the dark like a bat. You have blindsight (see DMG) as long as you can hear. You emit high-frequency sounds when doing this that most creatures cannot hear.

Bloodburn (Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation)
This feat is intended for sorcerers and bards. When casting a spell, you may increase its effective caster level by up to your CHA bonus in levels. If you do so, you take 1d6 damage for each level you increase the spell.

+3 on Bluff and Diplomacy when you beg, grovel, or plead to someone who has an advantage over you.

Born to the Saddle {1}
Ride skill in class You may only take this feat at first level. Your family has a tradition of horsemanship. +2 on Ride checks. You are considered to have the Endurance feat for checks involving riding.

Born to the Saddle {2}
This feat can only be taken at first level. +1 to Ride. +1 dodge bonus to AC while mounted.

Break Fall (DEX 13+, Climb skill 4+, Tumble skill 4+)
When you fall, you take damage as if you fell 10 feet less than you fell. You can use your Tumble skill to avoid more than the 10 feet it normally does. For every 5 you add to the DC for the Tumble check, you can avoid another 10 feet of falling damage. If you fail the check, Tumble has no effect.

+3 on Diplomacy to convince someone to participate in an illegal action. The bonus becomes +5 if a payment of a week's wages or more is offered. An additional +1 per extra week's wages is possible with the GM's permission.

Channel Energy (Toughness, Power Surge)
One per week, you may inflict up to 8 points of temporary INT damage to yourself when casting a spell. If you do so, the spell's save DC is +2 for each point of damage and you receive +2 on your roll to overcome spell resistance for each point of damage. Blood drips out your nostrils and ears when you use this.

+2 on Bluff. +2 on Disguise.

Chink in the Armor (INT 13+)
You may take a standard action to study an opponent. Your next single attack on that opponent ignores half of the bonus due to their armor. Note: This does not affect the bonus due to a shield, natural armor, any enhancement bonuses on the armor, or any non-armor bonuses to AC.

Church Education
The clergy has trained you from a young age. Knowledge: Religion is always an in-class skill. Cleric is considered to be an additional favored class. (GM's discretion - must fit backstory)

Combat Coordinator (WIS 15+, +6 Base Attack )
Spend a full round analyzing melee. After this, as long as you continue to study and relay advice to allies, they receive +1 to attack and +5 feet of movement.

Combat Instincts
If you are not flat-footed when an adjacent opponent's melee attack misses you by more than 5, you may immediately make a free attack on that opponent. You can do this up to your DEX modifier times per round.

Conceal Weapon (INT 13+)
+2 on Bluff checks to convince someone you are unarmed or to hide a weapon on your person. Hidden weapons are not considered as stored weapons, so you may draw them as normal. If you also have the Quick Draw {1} feat, your first attack when drawing is at +2. In addition, if you make a Bluff check against that opponent, this first attack catches them flat-footed. GM note - This feat could be very crucial in a world were cities are weapon intolerant.

Contemptible Target (STR 13 or less, Low Key)
Until you attack or cast a spell, your enemies ignore because you are not a threat. This does not allow sneak attacks. They are aware of you but will just choose other targets. Opponents that have seen you fight or people that were warned of you are immune to this feat.

Contortionist (DEX 13+)
+4 on Escape Artist checks made to escape grapple attacks of avoid being swallowed whole by a large creature.

Cooperative Magic
This is not a Metamagic feat. Two casters with this feat may cast the same spell at the same time (as a full round action) and result in a single spell being cast with any one Metamagic effect applied..GM call - only one mage needs this feat for it to work.

Counterattack (Combat Reflexes, +4 Base Attack)
When an opponent attacks you, you may use an attack of opportunity (at your highest base attack bonus) before they roll to attack. If you do so, both of you suffer a -2 to AC for these attacks.

Courtesan (Female, Bluff skill 4+)
Balance, Diplomacy, Perform, and Sense Motive are in-class skills for you.

Create Manikin (Spellcaster 12+)
You can create a manikin for a specific person. Spells cast on the manikin affect the person as long as they are on the same plane and are not in an anti-magic field. It is useful for 10 spells.

Dangerous Beauty (CHA 15+)
This feat can only be taken at first level. Targets of your seduction attempts (uses Bluff skill) do not add their WIS bonus to their Sense Motive checks.

Daredevil {1}
You may take this feat multiple times. Each adds an additional time per day, but no single action may receive this bonus twice. Once per day when performing a risky or dangerous maneuver, you may gain a competence bonus to a skill check of your CHA bonus plus half your level.

Dark Vision (Improved Low Light Vision)
You can see in near darkness

Divine Blessing (Arcane caster level 1+)
Choose one Cleric or Druid spell of any level up to one level less than the highest level spell you can cast. You add this spell to your spellbook and can cast it as an arcane spell. You can only take this feat once. GM - requires backstory.

Divine Cleansing (CHA 13+, Ability to turn undead, Extra Turning)
You can spend one of your turn/rebuke undead attempts to grant all allies within a 60 foot burst of yourself (and including yourself) a +2 sacred bonus on Fortitude saves for a number of rounds equal to your CHA bonus.

Dragonsmith (Spellcaster (3+), Any item creation feat)
If you have access to a recently slain Dragon, you can create magic items for 25% less than the standard GP cost and you gain a +2 competence bonus to Craft checks for the item. Any Dragon that learns that you have this feat will be hostile toward you.

Dreamspeaking (WIS 15+)
When someone tells you about a dream (or when you consider your own), you can tell automatically whether or not it has importance. If it is important, you may make a WIS check DC 15 to interpret it. You cannot retry. The game master provides an interpretation.

Education {2}
This feat may only be taken at first level. Choose one Knowledge skill. That skill is always in class for you.

Evil Brand (Evil aligned)
You are physically marked forever as a servant of evil in such a way that it is obvious to all others. +2 on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against evil creatures.

Falconer (Hndle Animal 4+)
Animal Empathy, Handle Animal, Sense Motive, and Wilderness Lore are in-class skills for you. You know how to train Falcons.

Fast Talker (CHA 15+)
+2 on Bluff. +2 on Diplomacy.

Fence (Profession (Merchant) 4+)
Appraising, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Information are in-class skills for you.

Final Breath
When you go to 0 HP or less, you may make one attack of opportunity at your full base attack against one target within reach. This attack has no effect on your health or hit points.

Fool's Luck
This feat may be taken multiple times, each grants an additional use. Once per day, you may change a failed attack, save, or skill roll into a success if you can provide an explanation on why the success first appeared as a failure. Game Master's judgement.

Forger (Forgery skill 4+)
Bluff, Decipher Script, Forgery, and Gather Information are in-class skills for you. If these are already in class skills, this feat gives you +1 to each skill

Anyone attempting to remember you or describe you suffers a -4 penalty on their INT check to do so. This penalty is just -2 for close associates or where you really stood out.

Fortunate {1} (CHA 15+)
This feat may be taken multiple times, granting additional uses per day. Once per day, before making a roll, you may choose to add your CHA bonus to it. You can do this even when taking 10 or 20.

Frightening Countenance (CHA 12 or less)
Whenever you make a skill or ability check where fear could work in your benefit, you receive a +3 morale bonus on that check. If your CHA would give you a negative modifier, treat it as positive if fear can be worked in your favor.

From the Gutter
This feat can only be taken at first level. +1 on Will saves. +1 hit point. +1 on Pick Pockets.

Gifted Liar (CHA 12+)
This feat can only be taken at first level. +4 competence bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Innuendo checks when lying to pass on false information. This bonus is +1 when passing on true information.

Herbalist (Wilderness Lore 4+)
Alchemy, Heal, Knowledge(Nature), and Wilderness Lore are in-class skills for you.

"I Meant It When I Killed You the First Time" (STR 13+, Power Attack, Cleave)
If any opponent you personally reduced to -10 hit points or below is resurrected, you immediately know it. By concentrating, you can determine the direction they are from you. You receive a +4 bonus to attack any time you do combat with that opponent. This is an extraordinary ability.

Intensify Poison (WIS 15+, Ability to turn undead)
You can use a turn attempt to intensify a poison. The save DC is increased by your WIS bonus for 24 hours.

Improved Equilibrium (DEX 13+, Balance skill 4+, Climb skill 4+)
You can move your normal speed over precarious surfaces or while climbing with no penalty to your Balance and Climb checks.

Improved Low Light Vision (Low Light Vision)
Your low light vision range is increased by 15 feet.

Improvise Thieves' Tools
When you do not have proper tools, you no longer suffer the -2 penalty on Disable Device and Open Lock checks

Impulse Buy
+2 on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate when used to sell something. You can jack up the price 10% for every 5 points you exceed the required DC. The sell attempt can be opposed by Sense Motive.

Item Image (INT 17+, Spellcaster 7+)
You can inscribe a tattoo on yourself or another person in the presence of a magic item the person could carry. This takes 8 hours and costs 1/10 th the cost of the magic item. The item can then be stored in the tattoo and recalled as a free action. The image commonly changes depending on whether the item is stored or not. In addition, you may choose one extra benefit that the tattoo owner gets with the item: 1) +1 damage if it is a weapon, 2) +2 on the DC to save against it, 3) +2 effective caster level, 4) item inflicts 1d6 damage on any other person that tries to use it. GM call - 1 tattoo per individual, item costs mage exp equivalent to GP value.

Item Lore (Arcane caster 5+, Any item creation feat)
If you have the ability to create an item, you can spend a hour with it and make a Spellcraft check DC (20+item's required caster level) to learn the least powerful feature of the item that you did not already know. This is not an item creation feat. It's just here for convenience.

Jack of All Trades {1} (Char level 8+, Rogue level 1+)
You may use any skill untrained, even if it would normally be denied to you entirely. This does not grant the ability to gain ranks in any skill you are normally denied.

Joy of Life (Min. 200 yrs old)
You do not die until you reach -15 HP (instead of -10 HP).

Jump Up {1} (DEX 13+)
You can stand up from a prone position as a free action (instead of a move-equivalent action).

Jump Up {2} (DEX 13+, Tumble +5)
No Attack of Opportunity while rising from a prone position.

Large and in Charge (Size Large (or larger) with reach, STR 17+)
When you make a successful attack of opportunity against an opponent who is moving inside your threatened area, you may make an opposed STR check against that opponent to force them back to the space they were in prior to the attack. You get +4 for each size category larger than the opponent and +1 for ever 5 points of damage you dealt.

Leap of the Monkey (Jump skill 5+, Climb skill 5+)
You do not lose your DEX bonus to AC when climbing as long as you finish the climb in a single round.

Light Footed (DEX 13+)
You may use your Move Silently roll against creatures with tremorsense. Normally this roll does not work. You also gain a +2 bonus on Move Silently against Dragons and other creatures are lack tremorsense but have keen senses. +2 competence bonus to Move Silently. The DC to track you is increased by 4.

Lightning Grab (DEX 15+, Improved Initiative)
Supposedly limited to the Rogue class. You may take one accessible item from a flat-footed foe within 5 feet of you. Make a Pick Pockets check opposed by their Reflex save.

The Look (CHA 13+)
+1 on all CHA based skills when dealing with the opposite sex.

Low Blow (DEX 13+, Dodge, Mobility {1},+4 Base Attack)
As a full round action, you can enter an area occupied by an opponent who is at least one size category larger than you. You can then make a single melee attack against this opponent, who is considered flat footed against this attack. After your attack, return to the 5-foot square from which you entered the opponent's 5-foot square. Using this feat provokes an attack of opportunity.

Low Key
+2 on Disguise. +2 on Hide. You look so plain that many people just overlook you.

Loyal Companion (CHA 11+, Animal Affinity)
Spend a month (at least 1 hour each day) training a pet (1 hit die Asprey, Bird, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Parrot, or other 1 hit die animal or beast) before taking this feat. The pet acts like a Druid's Animal Companion. It will follow you loyally until dismissed as long as it is treated well. You play the animal's actions during the game. If the animal is killed, you receive +3 circumstance bonus on attack and damage against the one responsible until they are dead. You can get a replacement pet by spending the time without taking this feat again.

Lucky Cuss
Once per day, you may re-roll any one die roll. You must accept the new result.

Lunatic (Chaotic align)
Your mind and body are tied to the lunar cycles. You get +1 on Fortitude saves, +1 on Reflex saves, -1 on Will saves, and +1 on CHA modified skill checks when the moon is more than half full. This bonus is +2 (-2 for Will saves) during the 3 days of the full moon and it is -2 (+2 for Will saves) during the 3 days of the new moon.

Magically Adept (Gnome, INT 10+)
Instead of having Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, and Prestidigitation spells each once per day, you may choose 3 spells from the Druid, Sorcerer, or Wizard zero level spell lists. You can choose a spell more than once, resulting in it being castable that many times per day. The spell is always considered arcane, even if chosen from the Druid list.

Magician (at least 1 rank in: Escape Artist, Open Lock , Sleight of Hand)
+2 on Escape Artist, +2 on Open Lock, +2 on Sleight of Hand.

Mark (WIS 13+)
You can size up an NPC as a free action. Name three skills. The Game Master will tell which of those skills has the highest bonus and which has the lowest bonus. You can do this up to your WIS modifier times per session, but no more than once per round.

Master Fence (at least 1 rank in: Appraise, Forgery, Gather Information)
+2 on Appraise. +2 on Forgery. +2 on Gather Information.

Mirror Sight (CHA 17+, Spellcaster 1+)
Once per day you can look into a mirror and see one of three things for 1d4 + your CHA bonus in rounds: 1) the current reflection in another mirror you are familiar with, 2) the reflection of a person you know well, assuming they are near a mirror, 3) reflection of a place you know well, assuming it can be seen from a mirror. You only see through the mirror. Sound does not pass through. You may choose to let the other mirror show you, making the contact two-way. This works only with real mirrors, not a still pond or other surface.

Mongrel (CHA 13+, Non-human)
You get a +4 competence bonus when using the Disguise skill to pass as human. Even when not disguised, you may make a Disguise check (without this bonus) opposed by Spot to pass as an ugly human.

Monkey's Path
-3 on Track rolls of people trying to track you.

Neck Hairs Rise (WIS 13+)
You may make a WIS check DC 20 to avoid being surprised. A successful check allows you to act in the surprise round as if you were not surprised. GM call - no sneak attack

+2 on Escape Artist. +2 on Pick Pocket

Non-Threatening (Small size (or smaller))
When dealing with intelligent creatures of size larger or larger, you get +2 on Bluff and +2 on Diplomacy. In addition, if you have no weapon and have made no hostile moves, you will be ignored in combat while there are other targets. These bonuses are lost if the creature suspects you or if it likes to bully weaker creatures.

Odd Sleeping Habits (CON 11+)
You only need 4 hours of sleep a day and can take this sleep in multiple chunks. +4 competence bonus to a Knowledge skill check after 4 hours of study.

Outdoorsman (at least 1 rank in: Handle Animal, Survival, Use Rope)
+2 on Handle Animal. +2 on Survival. +2 on Use Rope.

Pain Tolerance/Relentless (CON 13+)
You can continue acting normally while at 0 to -9 hit points by making a Fortitude save DC 15, but you take 1 hit point of damage for each round that you do so. You may choose to collapse into unconsciousness at any time, and you make an attempt to stabilize during the same round if you do this willingly.. +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves to resist interrogation based on torture.

Parkour (DEX 13+, Tumble 5+)
When unarmored and carrying a total weight of less than your strength score, you may use your agility to jump and climb by taking advantage of the terrain. Add DEX modifier instead of STR to Climb and Jump checks.

Perfectly Still (DEX 13+)
+4 circumstance bonus to Hide when still. +3 to Hide when moving no more than 5 feet per round.

Plant Control (Plant Defiance, Ability to cast Detect Animals or Plants and Speak with Plants)
You can rebuke or command plants like an evil Cleric does with undead. Use your highest divine caster level against the plants hit dice. You may do this up to 3 + CHA bonus times each day. To issue commands, the plants must be able to understand you, so Speak with Plants is normally required.

Plant Defiance (Ability to cast Detect Animals or Plants)
You can turn (but not destroy) plants like a Cleric turns undead. Note that most plants are immobile so they will not be able to flee. Use your highest divine caster level against the plant's hit dice. You may do this up to 3 + CHA bonus times each day.

Polar Bear Skin
You take only 1 point of subdual damage per minute exposed to very cold water (instead of the normal 1d6 per minute).

Polyglot (INT 13+)
You learn new languages for 1 skill point (instead of 2) if the language shares an alphabet with a language you already know.

Power Surge (Toughness)
When you cast a spell, you may choose to take 2 points of temporary CON damage to give +2 to the DC to save against the spell.

Precise Timing (INT 12+)
With a few glances at the sky, you gain determine the exact time of day and month. You can predict the most fortunate time for a particular action. If you do the action at that time, you may add +1 to a single roll of your choice.

Predict Outcome (CHA 13+, WIS 13+)
Once per day, you can cast Augury as a Sorcerer of your level. This is a spell-like ability.

Primal Shout
Once per minute, you may shout. All creatures with 25 feet make a will save of DC 10 + your CHA modifier. If they fail, they are shaken (-2 attack, -2 damage, -2 saves) until they get outside the 25 foot range.

If you set something on fire, the flames do 1 extra point of damage per die and the Reflex save DC to extinguish the fire is +5.

You may pull one item out of your belt pouch, backpack, or other accessible container as a free action (instead of a move equivalent action). If the object is a sealed container, it still takes a move equivalent action to open it.

Rope a Dope (DEX 13+)
You may choose to automatically miss with an attack on an opponent. If you do so, you receive a+6 circumstance bonus to attack that opponent with your next attack on them.

Sacrificial Mastery (WIS 15+, non-good)
+4 profane bonus on Knowledge(Religion) checks made when performing a sacrifice. GM call - sacrifice must relate to the question.

Scathing Wit
As a full round action, you can belittle and insult a single creature that can understand you and is within 30 feet. Make an opposed Intimidate check. If you win, the target suffers -1 morale penalty to attack, weapon damage, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws for your CHA bonus in rounds (minimum 1 round). You can only do this to each person once per day.

Scoundrel (Chaotic or Evil alignment)
+2 competence bonus to Gather Information when in a city. +2 competence bonus to Intimidate.

Sculpt Spell (Any other Metamagic feat)
Increases spell slot level by 1. You can change any area of effect spell to a different area shape. Choices for the new shape are: cylinder (10 foot radius, 30 feet high), cone (40 feet long, 40 feet wide at the base), four 10 foot cubes, or a sphere (20 foot radius).

Scrounger (Profession(Scrounger) 4+)
Bluff, Forgery, Gather Information, Pick Pockets are in-class skills for you. If already in class skills then +1 to each.

+3 on Diplomacy and +3 on Bluff when dealing with members of the opposite sex.

Sense Infidel (Cleric level 1+)
You know if at any time a member of another religion comes within 60 feet of you. As a standard action, you can determine which direction the person is.

Sense Poison (WIS 13+, Alertness {1})
With a Spot check DC 10, you can detect poison in food or drink, in the air, on weapons, or on anything else you can smell or taste. An Alchemy or Profession(Herbalist) check DC 20 identifies the exact type of poison.

Servant (Profession (Servant) 4+)
Diplomacy, Gather Information, Sense Motive, and Speak Language are in-class skills for you.

Sex Appeal {1}
+3 on Diplomacy and Bluff checks made to influence people that would normally be attracted to your gender.

Sex Appeal {2} (CHA 15+)
You receive double your CHA bonus for social skills related to members of the opposite sex. You receive -2 on similar rolls with the same sex due to their jealousy.

Shadow {1}
Just like the Track feat, except for following people in a city. GM mod - Half the visibility difficulties (owing to multiple light sources in cities). The +1/24hour becomes +1 per 10 minutes (owing to increased traffic - adjustable at GM discretion for night/smaller towns)

Shadow {2}
+2 on Hide and +2 on Spot while following someone.

Shapechanger (WIS 13+, Caster level 5+)
Choose a number of forms equal to you WIS modifier. You do not suffer disorientation when you change into those shapes. GM call - severe limitations, work out with me if you are considering.

Shield the Faithful (WIS 13+, Ability to cast 5th level Divine spells)
When you cast an area of effect spell, you can choose to have it not affect members of your religion that are in the area.

Signature Spell (Wizard (1+), Spell Mastery {1})
You can take this feat multiple times (each with a different spell you've mastered with Spell Mastery {1}). Choose a spell when you take this feat. You may convert any prepared spell into the chosen spell (if the prepared spell is of the same or higher level). This is similar to how a cleric can convert spells into healing spells.

+4 circumstance bonus to save against phantasms. GM will also apply this to seeing through illusions etc.

Skill Focus
You can take this feat multiple times (each with a different skill). +2 on any one skill.

Skill Prodigy
This feat may be taken multiple times. Choose your INT bonus in restricted skills. You may learn these skills as cross-class skills. OR Choose your INT bonus in cross-class skills. These are now in-class skills for you.

Smooth Talk
+2 on Diplomacy. +2 on Sense Motive.

Sneaky Git (DEX 13+)
You are naturally stealthy. Opponents suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to Spot and Listen checks against you.

Social Scourge (CHA 13+)
When someone attempts a Diplomacy check in your presence, you may say something witty to give them a -5 morale penalty to that check by beating their Diplomacy check with one of your own.

Song of Power (Spellcaster (3+), Perform skill 8+)
You can compose a song that duplicates a spell. The song is memorized, and you can have up to your INT bonus songs memorized at once.

Sorcerous Quicken (CHA 15+, Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation)
This feat is intended for sorcerers and bards. Increases the spell slot level by 4. Once per day you may cast a spell you know as a free action.

Spell Hawk
+4 on Spellcraft checks to identify a spell you want to counter. If you attempt to counter a spell using Dispel Magic, you gain a +2 competence bonus to your caster level for this check. You may use Greater Dispelling to counter a spell.

Spell Mastery {1} (Wizard 1+)
You can take this feat multiple times. The Wizard may now prepare their INT bonus in spells of their choice (that they already know) without need of a spellbook.

Spell Spike (Spell Hawk, Spell Stealer)
When you successfully counter an opponent's spell, you may choose to not counter it and instead you learn what he or she has prepared and can make a caster level check of DC (opponent's level plus spell's level) to remove a spell of your choice from his or her prepared spells.

Spell Stealer (Spell Hawk)
When you successfully counter an opponent's spell, you may choose to not counter it and instead you choose the target (if the spell has a non-self, non-touch target).

Split Ray (Any other Metamagic feat)
You can split any ray that specifies a single target so that it affects two targets that are within 30 feet of each other (or the same target twice). If the spell does damage, each target takes half damage.

Spider Walk (DEX 13+, Improved Equilibrium, Balance skill 8+, Climb skill 8+)
You add your DEX bonus to your Climb checks. You receive half the normal penalty (round down to the larger negative number) for slippery, wet, angled or similar surfaces. Opponents receive no bonus to attack you when you're climbing.

The Stare (CHA 15+, Intimidate skill 9+)
Once per encounter, you can take a free action to intimidate all opponents you can make eye contact with within 30 feet of you. All opponents with less levels than you make a Will save with DC 10 + your CHA modifier + 1/2 your level (round down). If they fail, they are shaken (-2 attack, -2 damage, -2 saves) with fear for 1d6 + your level in rounds.

Stealthy Casting (DEX 14+, Hide skill 4+, Move Silently 6+, Spellcraft skill 6+)
You may hide the casting of a spell by making a Spellcraft check opposed by the Spot (if somatic or material component) or Listen (if verbal component) checks of anyone that might notice you casting a spell. If the spell has no somatic component but has a material component, the Spot check is at -5. If you read from a scroll, the Spot check is at +5.

Steely Gaze
+2 on Intimidate checks. You can use Intimidate as a move equivalent action (instead of a full round action).

Street Smart
+2 on Bluff. +2 on Gather Information.

Strength of the Earth (Toughness {1})
You gain an additional 1 hit point per level. This applies retroactively to all previously gained levels.

Talented {2} (Chosen skill at 2+, Chosen skill's base ability 13+)
Choose one skill. You get +1 in that skill. Your maximum rank in that skill is increased by 1. That skill is always an in class skill for you.

Taunt {1}
You may taunt an opponent as a free action. Make an opposing Will check against one opponent. If successful, the opponent suffers a -2 attack penalty but receives a +1 damage bonus on their next attack. Only works on opponents of INT 3+ (not animals) that understand you.

Taunt {2} (CHA 13+)
You may taunt an opponent as a standard action. Make a CHA check opposed by the opponent's WIS check. If you succeed, the opponent will ignore others in order to attack you (unless an obvious greater threat exists). Your opponent gets +1 to hit you and -1 AC for as long as he or she tries to attack you.

Thick Skin (aka Thick Hide)
You can take this feat once each for cold and heat. +4 on Fortitude saves to resist subdual damage from very hot or very cold environments (choose one).

Thrall to Demon (Evil aligned)
You are the servant of a demon. Once per day you may take a +1 luck bonus on any one die roll while performing an evil act. GM - must fit backstory - this feat definitely carries baggage ;)

Torturer (Non-good align, Intimidate skill 1+)
For every 10 minutes you spend working on a captive with the proper tools, they take 1d6 damage and you make opposed Will saves. If the victim fails, they will answer one question truthfully. Every ten minutes past the first adds a -2 penalty to their Will save.

Traceless (INT 13+)
You add your INT bonus to the DC to notice your presence or passage either currently or previously. If you are no longer present and this makes the DC go above 10, then a Track attempt is required to trace your steps. No one may take 10 or take 20 to notice your presence or passage.

Twist of the Knife (Sneak attack +1d6, Weapon Focus (dagger))
When using a dagger (or similar weapon), your critical threat range is increased by 1 and the weapon inflicts 1d6 instead of 1d4damage.

Ugly Bastard
In a situation where your bad personality and frightening viasage would work to your advantage, use your negative CHA modifier as a positive. Think intimidate etc.

Unlocked Potential
This feat can be taken multiple times for the same skill or for different skills. Choose an in-class skill. Your maximum rank in that skill is increased by 3.

Verminfriend (CHA 15+, non good)
If a vermin is about to attack you, make a CHA check DC 20 to make it refuse to attack you for 24 hours.

This feat can be taken multiple times. Select two cross-class skills. These are always in-class skills for you.

War Wizard Tactics (Wizard level 1+, Martial Weapon Prof., +3 Base Attack)
For one attack each round, you may use your INT bonus to hit instead of your STR or DEX bonus.

Weapons of Opportunity (+4 Base Attack)
You can use virtually any mundane item as if it were a weapon without penalty. Damage depends on item size: tiny=1d3, small=1d4, medium=1d6, large= 1d8.





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