The Amazing Kites of Chen Zhao Ji

These are beautiful works of art and amazing feats of engineering. The legs and eyes on the crab move, the arms come together and apart while the pincers open and close! All of this is powered by the wind (or when hanging on the wall, just by gently blowing the fan in the center of the kite).


The head on this crane rotates back and forth, the beak opens and closes and when the beak is fully opened, the tounge wiggles!


The upper body of the Praying Mantis moves back and forth, while the arms move and the head rocks. You have to see these to believe them. Plus the painting and craftsmanship are flawless.






Below you can see the back of a Cicada. Note the two large reduction gears which allow the tiny fan to move the large wings apparently effortlessly. If you look at the inset photo, you can get an idea of how the mechanism operates that drives the wings.






I highly reccomend seeking out the work of Chen Zhao Ji to see it for yourself. Even if it takes a trip to China, it is worth it!

Or just buy one for your very own!!!
Check em out at Gombergs site, lots more pictures plus a video!











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