April 1st, 2001


April Fools!
If you looked for us in the usual spot,
we fooled you!
We headed down to Shoreline to join the BASKL fun.



BASKL held its annual April Fools Fun Fly at Shoreline Park on (surprise) April 1st. What a party!
Shoreline park is one of those rare places where you can have a fighter kite battle, dual line flying, people teaching kids to fly their first kite and buggiers all in one place at the same time and never feel cramped.

With the BASKL PA pumping out music to make things happen (expertly Dee Jay'd by Jeff & Aaron), the afternoon flew by.

Dodd Gross was giving flight school lessons to an awestruck crowd. Meanwhile the buggiers were weaving in and out of telephone poles all the way to the horizon and back. Sharon was running a small fighter round robin and Brian Todd was doing a little flight school of his own teaching people the finer points of the Tohuwabohu.


There were single lines as well, Most notably a beautiful Brogden made by Tim Helwig Schedule or not, BASKL always runs over time! Even though the event was only supposed to go until 4, we we're having so much fun we flew 'til nearly 6:00.




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